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Meet Your Business’s New Online Look, Pay Monthly Websites.

You want a stunning website that captivates visitors and converts them into customers.

But, high upfront costs and technical hurdles have been standing in your way. Not anymore. Our pay monthly website plans are the perfect solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs like you.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Hi, I’m Ray from Digypig.

We turn your challenges into triumphs. With our expertise, we eliminate the hurdles and create the website you’ve always envisioned, all for a great monthly price. With our pay monthly websites you can spread the cost of a fully designed website over a 3 year period with no monthly interest.

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It’s Easy to Get the Process Started Your Simple Path to Putting your Business Online.

We offer a painless, repeatable process to make sure you have a great experience. You should expect clear (and frequent) communication, insightful decisions, and friendly interactions.

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Select a package that fits your budget and needs.

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We tailor the design to reflect your brand and goals.

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Step into the online world with a website that works for you.

Pay Monthly Websites,
Take A Look At The Packages

Our Pay Monthly Web Design Packages include everything you need (and lot’s more!) to get started online today!

Basic Price Plan

Black Truffle

Starting From

£99.99 per Month

Build Leads And Salesresponsive website design

Build Leads And Saleswordpress platform

Build Leads And Sales5 pages including  a contact form

Build Leads And Salesbasic SEO (1 keyword per page)

Build Leads And Salesgmb and analytics setup

Build Leads And Salesmonthly backups

Build Leads And Salesmonthly plugin updates

Build Leads And Saleshosting on a shared server

Build Leads And Salesmonthly business reviews

Build Leads And Sales15 min of page updates

Mid Range Price Plan

Burgundy Truffle

Starting From

£249.99 per Month

Build Leads And Saleslead generation site design

Build Leads And Saleswordpress platform

Build Leads And Saleshosting on a VPN server

Build Leads And Sales10 pages including contact form

Build Leads And SalesSEO boost

Build Leads And Salesgmb & analytics setup

Build Leads And Salesemail list capture

Build Leads And Salespremium plugins

Build Leads And Salesdedicated support

Build Leads And Sales1hr monthly page updates

Build Leads And Salesweekly plugin updates & backups

Build Leads And Salesauto terms & cookie policies

Pro Range Price Plan

White Truffle

Starting From

£499.99 per Month

Build Leads And Saleswordpress platform

Build Leads And Saleshosting on a VPN server

Build Leads And Salesunlimited pages

Build Leads And SalesSEO boost

Build Leads And Salesgmb & analytics setup

Build Leads And Saleslead generation

Build Leads And SalesE-commerce website.

Build Leads And Salessurecart integration

Build Leads And Salespaypal & stripe payments

Build Leads And Salestraining & community websites

Build Leads And Salesproduct & payment pages

Build Leads And Salesongoing support & training

Build Leads And Sales4hr monthly page updates

Build Leads And Saleshourly plugin updates & backups

Build Leads And Salesauto terms & cookie policies

Look What’s Included And The Benefit Of A Monthly Website Package.


A website is like your online storefront, showing off what you do to the whole world, anytime, any day. Whether you pay for it all at once or choose a monthly payment plan, it’s a smart move for getting the word out there about what you do. With a monthly payment plan, you don’t have to pay a big chunk of money all at once like the old-school way, but can spread the cost out, making it a cool option for getting your website built and shining online.


Getting you on the web quickly is what we’re all about. Sure, some projects can be a bit tricky and might take a bit more time, but we aim to have most of our websites up and running within 4 to 6 weeks. If you’re in a hurry and need to get something online sooner, just give us a shout and one of our friendly team members will be stoked to help you out.


Your website is nestled on our servers, which are all about performance. We offer different plans to suit your needs. With our basic plan, you share a server, but as you move to our higher-priced plans, you get your own dedicated server. We take care of all the technical bits to keep your website updated and online, so you don’t have to worry about the techy stuff


Our in-house team of designers, developers, and account helpers are here to guide and help with your business and website. We provide steady support when you need it. We can help with changing content or any general advice you need, and we are always ready for a chat. This gives you complete peace of mind.


Every website we create is tailor-made to showcase your business perfectly. Design evolves rapidly, which can make websites appear outdated in no time. With our monthly packages, we keep your website updated with the latest designs and features, helping you stay ahead online. Once your term with us ends you can have a complete redesign and start again.


Every website we create is tailor-made to showcase your business With our Pay-per-month website service, we ensure regular maintenance to keep your website operating seamlessly. This provision grants you peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business, inclusive of all plugin updates.


show up on places like Google. When we create your website, we make sure it’s super easy for people to find. Plus, we use some clever tricks to make sure it stands out from the crowd. And if you want even more people to visit, we’ve got special services that work like those signs on buses or billboards, directing even more visitors your way.

Your Success Is Our Priority

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who now boast a robust online presence. Your success story is waiting to be written.

Avoid The Pitfalls

A professional website is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Without it, you risk losing customers to competitors who offer an online experience. Don’t let your business fall behind.

Just think a fully functional website at a price simular to your mobile phone contract. Only difference is that it is making money for you 24 -7.

business grapgh downwards trend

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t still find the information that you are looking for then please send us a message or give us a call.

What are pay monthly websites?

Pay monthly websites are websites that can be secured on a contracted term of up to 3 years, with monthly payments for the website design. Additional optional extras such as SEO and Email Marketing can be added on a monthly basis, enabling you to tailor your website package exactly to your needs. [You may have to pay some upfront fees depending on the service you need] This allows businesses to make regular payments towards their website instead of paying a lump sum upfront, making it an accessible option for those who do not have the funds available at once or need greater flexibility.

How much do pay monthly websites cost?

The cost of paying monthly for websites varies depending on the website’s complexity and the services included in the package. Some packages can cost as little as £79.99 per month, while others can cost more depending on the package you need to succeed in your business.

Can I cancel my pay monthly website subscription?

Sure, you can stop paying for your website every month once you’ve fully paid for it. Let’s say your website cost £2000 in total and you’re paying £84 every month for 2 years. You’re also paying £40 for hosting and other services, so your total monthly payment is £124.

If you decide to cancel your website before you’ve fully paid for it, you’ll need to pay the remaining balance. Alternatively, you can keep paying £84 every month until the end of the 2-year term, but you won’t need to pay for hosting anymore since it’ll be removed.

Are pay monthly websites suitable for all types of businesses?

Pay monthly websites can be a good option for small and medium businesses or individuals who cannot afford to pay for a website upfront. However, for larger businesses or those with more complex website needs, paying upfront for a custom-designed website may be a better option and we can offer this to you as well just follow this link for custom web design.

What services are included in a pay monthly website package?

With our pay monthly website packages, you’ll get a range of services that can help your website achieve its objectives and operate smoothly. Our comprehensive packages cover website design, hosting, maintenance, and support. Additionally, we have various add-ons available for an extra monthly fee. These include SEO, email and SMS marketing, Content Creation, online training websites, community websites, and e-commerce websites. We want to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your online business, and we’re committed to helping you every step of the way.

The benefits of pay monthly websites?

Pay monthly websites allow businesses to spread the cost of their website over a longer period we offer up to 3 years. This makes it easier for your small business to budget for its website and frees up funds for other areas of the business.

Do we pay a deposit for a pay monthly website?

With all our pay monthly website offerings, we meticulously tailor them to meet your needs. Upon your engagement with us, an upfront payment for the first month is billed, initiating the commencement of our dedicated work. Following this, a span of 6, 12, 24, or 36 monthly installments at 0% interest ensures the seamless continuation of our collaboration. Should your vision encompass the integration of additional plugins or subscriptions, a larger upfront payment would be necessitated, covering the ensuing recurring charges for which you will be accountable. Please note, refunds will not be provisioned for these supplementary expenditures.

How long does it take me to set up your pay monthly website?

The time it takes to set up your pay monthly website can vary depending on the complexity of the website and the package you choose. I offer pre-designed templates that can be set up quickly, or I can design and develop a custom website to meet your specific needs. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to set up your pay monthly website, but I will work with you to ensure that your website is set up as quickly and efficiently as possible.