Elevate Human Connection with Circle’s AI-Powered Community Al.

Today I’m looking at Circle AI, with new unique AI features that Circle are now offering for its community, and it’s called community AI.
So, what I want to do in this post is to see and dive into the remarkable possibilities AI brings to your online community-building adventure adding the essence of human connection. So, brace yourselves for a new and exciting journey, let’s get started with today’s content.

-Say goodbye to writer’s block with content copilot.
-Transform your video content with automated transcriptions.
-Track Your Community’s Success with Activity Scores.
-Recommendation from the best

Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block with Content Co-Pilot .

Meet your new creative sidekick,
Content Co-Pilot – an AI-powered writing companion that will forever change the way you craft content, wow, so exciting. I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to start writing content so let’s banish writer’s block with ease as this tool generates infinite ideas for discussions, course lessons, events, and more.
So, you can ask it various questions like “Give me an idea?” on a subject that you want to discuss. “Generate outlines for content?”, and it will list ideas on that subject that you have specified for your content, it will generate paragraphs and conclusions.
What can I say I like what I am seeing with this new offering from Circle.
So, start today with the efficiency of Content Co-Pilot and embrace the efficiency of AI.

Email Co-Pilot generator

Transform Your Video Content with Automated Transcriptions

You have finished a video with great content but now you want to transcribe your content so your customers and follows can read at their own pace, after all people sometimes prefer to read rather than listen and with today focus on accessibility this is a game changer. So now prepare to unleash the true potential of your video content with AI-driven automated transcriptions. Yes, that’s right automated transcriptions and what’s more, it can do it within seconds, Circle’s AI engine converts your video posts, event recordings, and course lessons into searchable and accessible text format. What can I say, no more valuable insights are lost – every word is now at your fingertips, and they have complete choice on how they digest your content through text or video or both.

Video Content with Automated Transcriptions

Track Your Community’s Success with Activity Scores

Let AI be your analytical partner in understanding your community’s pulse. Circle’s Activity Scores analyse your members’ engagement trends over time, enabling you to confidently identify, measure, and optimise impactful actions. Data-driven decisions empower your community’s growth and success. You can see who is interacting more with your course material within your community which will help you to attract new customers and followers onto your platform so you can increase your revenue and scale with confidence.

AI Circle Email Activity Scores

“Our members are so impressed. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. It’s distraction-free. I’m so glad we made this decision”

Pat Flynn
How could Content Co-Pilot's AI-generated ideas elevate the engagement and impact of your community's content?

Content Co-Pilot’s AI-generated ideas bring fresh perspectives to your community, sparking lively discussions and captivating your members. By effortlessly streamlining content creation, it frees up more time for you to engage with your community, fostering deeper connections and increasing overall participation.

How can AI-powered video transcriptions enhance your community's accessibility and knowledge-sharing dynamics?

AI-powered video transcriptions break down barriers to learning and inclusion. Members can easily find specific information within videos, regardless of hearing ability or time constraints. This accessibility fosters a more inclusive and knowledge-driven community, where ideas and insights are readily available to all.

How can Activity Scores help you tailor your community strategies and foster deeper connections among your members?
Activity Scores provide valuable insights into your community’s dynamics, helping you identify what resonates most with your members. By understanding their preferences and engagement patterns, you can personalise content, prompts, and events, fostering a sense of belonging and strengthening the bonds within your community.
How could Content Co-Pilot's integration with Circle's text editor enhance your content creation process and community engagement?

Answer: Content Co-Pilot’s integration streamlines your content creation journey, providing a seamless and efficient writing experience. By offering a casual and conversational tone, it encourages authentic and engaging interactions with your members, creating a warm and inviting community environment.

So What does all this cost?

Circle, offers a range of plans, 

The Basic plan, priced at $49/£38 per month paid Annually

The Pro plan, priced at $99/£77 per month paid Annually

The Business Plan, priced at $219/£177 per month paid Annually

The Enterprize plan,  priced at $399/£309 per month paid Annually

*Prices converted to £ are based on the current exchange rate on this day 27/07/2023 and do not include bank transfer fees or VAT

If you’re interested in creating an online community, we encourage you to sign up for a 14-day trial of Circle. With its customisable designs, discussion boards, member management, analytics, and integrations, Circle provides the tools and features you need to make your community a success. Circle also offers workflows, courses, and product updates to enhance the community-building experience for its users.

If you want help setting up Circle then Give Digypig a call and our team will do all the hard work setting it up just the way you want it, we are here to help you.